Aircraft Management

A well designed, organized and maintained continuing airworthiness management is the heart of the airworthiness of any aircraft.

We provides corporate and general aviation with…

…a professional maintenance management and consulting services that many individual owners, operators and small flight departments lack and makes it possible for any operator to take advantage of the benefits that large flight departments have in professional maintenance management and control.

A well established concept

AMC has established and maintains a concept to manage your aircraft at any global location with selected personnel on site, optional with operators personnel qualified and trained for the job by AMC.

We represent you

We represent you during any maintenance event, inspections-repairs-engine change and hot section- overhaul. We represent your interest to be independent from your contracted maintenance-shop and assure that everything is done as you are expecting and within your budget.

We are ready

We are ready to be your maintenance department.
Clients take advantage of the benefits of having a maintenance department without the overheads and additional costs associated with self-owned maintenance department.