Aircraft Completions

AMC offers a complete package of services, including, all aspects related to new aircraft acquisitions, completion management, acceptance and delivery services, registration and operations.

Aircraft Acquisitions

  • Assistance / negotiations with the aircraft acquisition
  • Assistance / guidance for the selection of optional equipment
  • Assistance for the spec meeting / selection of materials colors / amenities

Completion Management

  • Complete project management
  • Requests for technical upgrades and improvements
  • Ensuring no damage is inflicted on aircraft, and
  • Ensuring that no parts are removed for fleet support

Acceptance and Delivery

  • Assistance with the determination of flight test(s) profile, performance of cold soak and test flights
  • General assistance with the delivery proper

Registration and Operations

  • Assistance and guidance for the selection of the Operator
  • Assistance and guidance for registration
  • Assistance during NAA acceptance inspection
  • Assistance with maintenance provider selection
  • Following and setup of initial maintenance schedule