AMC Aircraft Management & Consulting Sarl

A Swiss based Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) with an EASA Part M, Subpart « G » and « I » approval, qualified as a « CAMO-plus » and authorized for the « Airworthiness Review Certificate » (ARC). AMC is approved under EASA by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, FOCA CH.MG.7003, and Bermuda BDA/CAMO/007. Your flight safety starts on the ground.

Our Mission

AMC has its principle domain in the Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Management with focus to suite and support private aircraft operators within any airworthiness concern, and is specialized to play the role of the centerpiece of your maintenance management system. We promote a high standard of maintenance management reflected in the operator’s flight safety. More about us

Our Targets

Satisfy our client for quality equal to flight safety.
Assure the operators maintenance budget.
Maintain your aircraft to the best value.
Keep the aircraft airworthy and optimized availability.
Prove compliance with EASA / NAA requirements.

Our Managed Aircraft Fleet

The fleet of aircraft managed by AMC for our clients varies from light propeller turbine-engine driven aircraft to Business/Corporate Jets. The management of aircraft has no borderline; regardless if your aircraft is registered in an EASA or Non EASA Member States, and of your aircraft Model or Type.